Emergency Preparedness

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During an emergency or disaster, the City’s “first responders” are the Los Angeles County Sheriff and Fire Departments. However, you can also take steps to prepare yourself and your family!

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Learn How to Prepare for and Survive a Disaster in the City of Rolling Hills Estates


By contracting with the County, the City is able to tap into a larger pool of resources and expertise than it would otherwise be able to provide on its own. The Sheriff’s Department also maintains a list of critical facilities and pharmaceutical distribution sites. There are a total of 23 critical facilities in our region that are checked on each shift, every day. The City also has a community-based policing team, known as the CORE Team, which plays a crucial role in local school safety. The CORE Team has prepared Safety and Disaster Plans for each school site and participates in the school’s disaster drills.

In addition to the remarkable emergency resources provided by the County, the City is fortunate to have several active and well-trained volunteer civilian groups that are ready to assist first responders in the event of an emergency or disaster, including the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Los Angeles County Disaster Communication Service, and Equine Response Team.