Rolling Hills United Methodist Church Educational Facilities Improvement Project (PA-06-16)

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The project site is located at 26438 Crenshaw Boulevard. Specifically, the site is located on the eastern side of Crenshaw Boulevard, 260 feet north of the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Palos Verdes Drive North.

The proposed project includes the replacement of five existing educational buildings with three new educational buildings, and enlargement of the existing administration building, resulting in a net increase of 5,204 square feet to the project site. The project would reorient the campus, to create a quad with a courtyard/play area, and add a new play area adjacent to Crenshaw Boulevard.

Minor improvements to the existing parking lots and drive aisles, including painted directional arrows, five additional parking spaces, new walkways, and landscape improvements, are proposed to provide for an improved drop-off area in the southwest corner of the site.

The proposed expansion would allow for an increase in preschool student enrollment from 102 to up to 140 preschool students. Other uses of the church and school campus are anticipated to remain in their current capacity. Likewise, hours of operations are not anticipated to change as a result of the proposed project.

The proposed project would require the following discretionary approvals from the City of Rolling Hills Estates:

· Conditional Use Permit (Amendment of CUP-101-79 for school operation)

· Grading Permit

· Variance for fence within the setback area

· Neighborhood Compatibility Determination

This project was approved by the Planning Commission on October 3, 2016.