City Clerk

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The City Manager currently serves as City Clerk, with a Deputy City Clerk providing day-to-day oversight of the function. 

The office of the City Clerk is responsible for the following duties:

  • Attend all meetings of the city council.
  • Prepare the minutes for city council meetings.
  • Have custody of and be responsible for the city seal and all books, records, papers and archives belonging to the city.
  • Prepare and maintain an index of all records in the clerk's custody.
  • Administer and supervise the city's records management program.
  • Administer and supervise municipal elections.
  • Administer all oaths and take affidavits in matters relating to city business.
  • Administer and supervise the publication of legal notices and ordinances of the city.
  • Attest the signatures of city officers on documents that have been executed as authorized by resolution, ordinance, or statute.
  • Process all claims filed against the city and its officers, agents, or employees.

Should you have any questions to direct to the City Clerk's office, please contact Hope Nolan, Deputy City Clerk at or by calling (310) 377-1577.