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Riding Rings' Status


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Dapplegray Park
   •Riding Ring - OPEN
•Lunging Ring - OPEN
   •Dressage Arena - OPEN

Ernie Howlett Park
    •Riding Arena #1 - OPEN
•Riding Arena #2 - OPEN
    •Warm Up Arena #3 - OPEN
•Dressage Arena #4 OPEN
    •Trail Course #5 - OPEN

"No Lunging Or Turnouts Allowed in
    Dressage Or Show Arenas"

Pepperwood Park
    •Lunging Ring - OPEN

Chandler Park
    •Riding Ring - OPEN

For respect to others, remember to abide by the Park Rules & Regulations.
*Reminder, Lunging Rings are always open, but use at your own risk.

Last Updated: 3/22/17  08:07 a.m. (updated only as needed)

Information may not be up-to-date. Please check the ring you wish to use, or call Mike Goldsmith at 310-378-4504 during the week.