The City of Rolling Hills Estates is a now part of the the Clean Power Alliance (CPA), which is comprised of 30 cities and the Counties of Los Angeles and Ventura working together to bring clean energy choices to our communities. CPA has been available to Rolling Hills Estates businesses since June 2018 and will begin  providing clean power at competitive rates for the residential community beginning February 2019.

City of Rolling Hills Estates Default Rate:

     Residential:  100% Green Power
     Learn more about Residential Rate Options
     Residential Notice from City
     Non-Residential: 36% Lean Power
     Learn more about Commercial Rate Options

While we hope you share our commitment to environmental responsibility, the choice is ultimately yours, and you can switch from the City’s default rates to a different level at any time. You have a choice between the following rate options:

  • Lean Power, which is 36% renewable energy, will provide a 1-2% cost savings, compared to your SCE bill.
  • Clean Power, which is 50% renewable energy, will provide a 0-1% cost savings, compared to your SCE bill.
  • 100% Green Power, where all power is renewable, will result in an 8-9% premium, compared to your SCE bill.

You also can opt out entirely without any penalty and your electricity generation charges will remain with SCE; but keep in mind that, depending on your option, CPA rates will be cheaper and/or greener.

Although the CPA will be sourcing your power, SCE will continue to deliver and bill customers, and there won’t be any material changes in your bill’s appearance. 

No matter what rate you choose, our community will soon enjoy the benefits of the Clean Power Alliance, including local control, competitive rates, and environmentally friendly energy sources.

Learn more by visiting, by emailing, or by calling Clean Power Alliance at 888-585-3788.

City Contact Information:
Staff:  Jeannie Naughton



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